Area of Engagement

Partnering to seek solutions


While you have built your island of excellence very few out there in the “whole wide world” know you. Or maybe you are still on your journey and need to spread awareness and create buy-in for your endeavour.
A few areas we can help in are

  • Conceptualize and run campaigns for brand building
  • New product launch
  • PR and event based promotion
  • Website creation
  • Content creation and query management for websites
  • Social media utilization

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Business Intelligence

Our ideas sometime bewitch us. It would be perfect if the impact on others is the same. Before investing that hard earned fund & your scarce energy you could gain by investing  in

  • Research to gather data for relevant inputs for decision making before new product or service development and launch
  • Benchmark organisational productivity or product or talent to peers or leaders in the industry

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Without the enticement of an established brand and big bang monetary pull every step from attracting, retaining and driving performance from employees is a herculean task. While the entrepreneur is stretching to convert opportunities in the market these critical internal pressures keep pulling him back. A few areas where our intervention could help reduce burden are

  • Design and implementation of solutions to attract talent.
  • Development of  consistent selection process
  • Providing induction and training support to engage and retain talent
  • Employee engagement design and implementation
  • Designing relevant performance metrics to evaluate & monitor performance

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As the proud owner of your business you wish everyone showed the same zeal, commitment and ability as you. While you know from real experience that this is rarely true , you have struggled to paint a few hues into our organisation so that it does not become dysfunctional every time you look the other way. A few areas we can support are

  • Design and development of  HR process for consistent policies to manage
    • Leave Leave &
    • Compensation Compensation &
    • Reward Reward &
  • Client Management
  • Financial processes
  • Management information support processes

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