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The Gap

SMEs employ close to 40% of India's workforce, but contribute only 17% to the GDP. An overview of the sector clearly shows that scaling up and establishing a sustainable business often seems to be a gravity defying task.

Mirus scouts for talent that is put together for projects comprising of highly qualified and competent individuals who are not bound in a regular career. Complete administrative and management support during the project lifetime is provided by Mirus.

Our goal is to help enterprises develop and achieve their potential by gaining access to talent in a format that has the flexibility to surmount the constraints created by

  • Limited funds

  • Inability to attract or retain talent

  • Management Bandwidth

  • Unavailability of trained manpower

The Proposition

Under the Mirus Flex platform assignments will be taken on a project or consulting basis. Post discussions with the enterprise Mirus would set up a dedicated team to deliver on agreed deliverables. Assignments would define clear objectives and timelines.

Mirus would be responsible for end to end delivery on assignments. A reasonable cost structure will be created as the organisation has in-house capability to deliver and it would also access talent pools such as- qualified & well experienced women on a break from their career, retired bureaucrats & technocrats with expertise in engineering, finance , army professionals with  understanding of logistics, freelance professionals or niche’ companies. We can structure teams to work in myriad flexi formats. These can be engagements which are remote, project specific and time bound.

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