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Question 1: Assume, 10 candidate including you got hired. What would be the three things that would make you stand out.(Assuming everyone is hardworking, quick learner, sincere). How will you be able to use them to your advantage ?(Not more than 50 words)

Question 2: What are the two aspects of Mirus that interests you the most? How would they help you meet your aspirations ?(Not more than 50 words)

Question 3: What are the two personality traits that are missing in you? How would they have made a difference to your life ?(Not more than 50 words)

Question 4: Three things that you would want from Mirus ? Why are these things important to you ? (Not more than 50 words)

Question 5: What is the recent headline(national/international) that you have been following. Whats your view on it?(Not more than 50 words)

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