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We offer a flexible & innovative platform that weave our services to suit our client’s requirements. From acquiring talent at the CXO levels to helping organisations scale up with strong but short term bursts of large scale talent acquisition Mirus has painted the canvas in varied hues.

Besides hiring Mirus offers support in benchmarking talent through market mapping, diversity talent acquisition, short term project support through flexi resources and much more.

Executive & Lateral Search

CXO and Leadership Talent Acquisition can mean an engagement lasting over many months pursuing that one individual who has the right ingredients in the right proportions with the right motivations for that particular organization. Deep industry insight, high speed and trustworthy networking, 360 degree assessment, cross referencing , amazing negotiating bandwidth and years of painstaking relationship building helps Mirus give our clients a seamless experience.

Diversity Hiring

Organisations face the challenge of maintaining or improving their gender and cultural balance. Talent is scarce and more so if one requires female candidates. With our talent pool mapping capability we are able to offer quantitative & qualitative market insight regarding availability of relevant talent



Compensation Benchmarking

Hiring and retaining talent has been a perennial challenge for most organisations. One of the key ingredients of an employee’s longevity in an organisation is getting “the right compensation”. Mirus helps organisations & individuals understand their compensation strategy better, with real time compensation data analysis based on dynamic interaction with professional across levels and industries.

Advertisement Response Management

Resume sifting & short listing, venue management for walk-ins, selection process facilitation and post selection salary negotiation & offer roll outs- Mirus can step in and manage the complete response end to end. We have helped organizations manage sudden demands for large scale junior level hiring seamlessly, leveraging our extensive talent acquisition capability.

Market Mapping

When evaluating their org structures, planning an expansion or seeking critical hires organisations invest in understanding the talent landscape holistically. If the war for talent is to be won then market intelligence is a sharp tool in the armoury. Mirus with its high speed market mapping capability helps organisations gauge the competitor landscape through multiple lenses such as seniority, client profile, compensation and much more. We have helped organisations that are evaluating new business lines or new geographies with real time, specific & relevant data.

Turnkey Projects

Many a time organisations are faced with sudden hiring pressure. This implies huge time and logistical constraint. The process of identifying, evaluating, negotiating and then ensuring joining of selected candidates can stretch the most organised teams. Mirus steps in to undertake hiring of such large numbers with its project management and talent acquisition expertise. We help you to focus on hiring the best and entrusting us with cohesive sourcing of talent and holistic management of the backend operations.