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Under our Merit initiative we break down the Interview process into easy to absorb steps and help you understand the “psyche” of the interviewer. Investment in research, understanding key deliverables of a role & a structured approach goes a long way to build a smooth interview experience .

For Institutions

Seeking sharp and market tested interview skilling program to give your students that extra edge. Experience our highly customised and tailor made program to achieve a visible impact


For Individuals

You have received that much awaited interview call or are focusing to receive one. You know you’ll do your best if hired, however convincing the interviewer is a tricky affair. Gain a structured and professional approach to dramatically increase your probability of enamouring the interviewer into hiring you through our one on one interview program


It has been an extraordinary journey during those 3 days session @ IMT.The 25 hour boot camp was really challenging and exciting. It was really great experience to be a part of the training session. The 3 days session almost covered each and every possible corner of the recruitment life cycle. I personally feel it was worth millions attending the session!!.

– Avinash Patra

The program was well designed to suit specific needs of people with interactions and group practice sessions added a lot of value...action oriented...made a difference.

– Abhishek Kumar