A Valued


I am pleased to state that Mirus has been a key partner in our India talent acquisition process. Our engagement with Mirus for its services and in meeting our hiring requirements across locations and functional domains has been highly satisfying . I commend the professionalism, overall service, response times and quality of candidates referred by Mirus.

-Head HR, MNC Financial Services Company in India

A Delighted


It has been an amazing experience to have interfaced with Mirus. The insights provided at every step of the evaluation process and support during the long drawn compensation negotiations was truly professional.

-Vice President, Corporate Communications, MNC Outsourcing Company

An Engaged


Mirus gives me immense flexibility and an uncomparable platform to express and grow as an individual and as a professional.

-Aakriti Bhasin, with Mirus since 2011

Mirus FLEX

Under the Mirus Flex platform assignments will be taken on a project or consulting basis. Post discussions with the enterprise Mirus would set up a dedicated team to deliver on agreed parameters ............more


Our engagements with talent across levels and geographies has led us to believe that structured training is a must over and above what one learns on the job or academically ................more

Welcome To Mirus Solutions

Mirus, which translates as “Extraordinary” in its Latin origin is a leading human capital management firm. From acquiring talent for the best names in the industry to helping new entrants build world class teams we have always approached hiring as enabling business to find solutions.

Keeping pace with a dynamic & demanding environment we have adapted & responded to challenges with resilience. In business since 1999, the organization has grown to expand its reach across India, Middle East, Singapore & Hong Kong.

We strive to provide exceptional service & expertise. Our management & team are structured to harness & build in-depth industry & functional knowledge. A hands-on approach that works end to end with the client and candidate helps us build success even in low probability situations.


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Head - Cash Operations, Mumbai
Investment Bank Offshore Unit

SVP/ED UAT Testing Securities Operations, Mumbai
MNC Investment Bank Offshore Unit

Head – Technology, Mumbai
MNC Bank Offshore Unit

Head Operations- Securities Services Operations, Kolkata
MNC Bank Offshore Unit

Head of Compliance,Mumbai
MNC Bank

Head -MIS Analytics, Mumbai
Investment Bank Offshore Unit

Head Procurement, Hyderabad
MNC Bank Offshore