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Resume Writing 

How our Professional Resume Writing Service operates

Obtaining a Job Ready document through Mirus Solutuions is a straightforward and rapid process. Here's an overview of how the procedure unfolds.

Need Assessment

A writer specialized in your industry will contact you to thoroughly discuss your requirements.

First Resume Version

Initial version of your resume

We will analyze your resume in relation to current job opportunities in the market for your specific industry and create the initial draft.

Final Resume Version

Version post requisite revision

Get the ultimate version of your resume, approved and incorporating all your revisions. We offer unlimited revisions!

Information Submission

Submit your previous resumes or other documents to our secure and confidential servers.

Your Investment Options

Years of Experience

Investment Required

3+ to 10 years

10+ years

CXO Level

2,500 Rs

5,000 Rs

10,000 Rs

0 to 3 years

1,100 Rs

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