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Talent Acquistion

“You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world…but it requires people to make the dream a reality.”

- Walt Disney

Campus Hiring

Discover and hire Talent from over 2,000 institutes in Tier 1, 2, and 3 cities through our affiliate company Triedge Solutions

Executive Hiring

Hire for mid to senior-level executive roles, tapping into Mirus's extensive 20-plus years of expertise in seamlessly assisting MNCs to startups in securing the finest recruits.

Talent Mapping

Gain insights & visibility into your hiring landscape before expanding or investing in critical hires by leveraging Mirus's capability to map organizational structures and talent pools.

Why Choose Mirus

Our distinctiveness lies in the synergy of several key factors

At Mirus, our tailored talent acquisition services aim to reduce client expenses and time spent on securing top talent. We understand the critical role of human resources in business success and focus on sourcing exceptional candidates who greatly contribute to our clients' growth story.



We invest in understanding our client's business, culture, hiring context, key performance indicators, and more.

Candidate Assessment

Beyond the resume, video, or in-person meetings, we leverage our network to gain insights on candidate's  through their career history

Seamless Operations

Evolving job specs, changing interview schedules, we respond to the dynamic hiring environment supporting you end-to-end.

Successful Onboarding 

We facilitate  compensation negotiations , maintain strong candidate engagement & more,  to ensure smooth onboardings


I got my opportunity at ANZ Bank as a Business Analyst from Mirus consulting services. The process was very smooth from the initial screening to the day that I joined in. Sweta was my contact consultant for this opportunity and she made sure I was aware of all that is required for the interview, helped me in the salary negotiations with the HR team, worked around to make my joint date flexible. Am thankful for the complete team at Mirus consulting services for helping me find my next opportunity.

Rakshit Naik (Business Analyst) 

Joined ANZ in 2021

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