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"The secret to my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world." 

- Steve Jobs

Mirus has consistently assisted a wide spectrum of businesses, from industry leaders to emerging startups, in their pursuit of building top-performing teams. Whether in periods of rapid expansion or economic downturns, we have stood by our clients, offering unwavering support.

​Our core clientele benefits from our agile and swift capacity to gather and provide real-time insights into talent pools, organizational structures, performance evaluations, compensation benchmarks, and market-specific data.​

We take pride in our commitment to facilitating the entire candidate engagement process, from initial resume reviews to complex compensation negotiations.

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Mirus provides high-quality recruitment services, empowering clients to streamline the process of securing the ideal talent while minimizing both cost and time investment in the hiring process.

Talent Acquisition


Leveraging its extensive two-decade experience, Mirus has curated programs and interventions designed to aid recruiters in honing their skills, ensuring they stay abreast of the latest industry trends.

Team Upskill

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Leverage our curated library to boost your self-learning endeavors. Access podcasts and articles featuring insights from esteemed business leaders and industry experts, to support continuous learning and professional development.

Curated Learning


I had a great experience dealing with Mirus. Shipra and Madhu were always professional and informative, fast to respond, and ensured I was well-informed of what I needed to do and constantly engaged throughout my onboarding journey. I appreciate the partnership and guidance rendered for a seamless onboarding experience and also thank you for the flowers and welcome note :)

Vineeth Nair ( VP Talent Acquisition )

Joined HSBC in 2023

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