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Mirus has consistently assisted a wide spectrum of businesses, from industry leaders to emerging startups, in their pursuit of assembling top-performing teams. Our collaborations run deep, spanning across various group enterprises and global regions.

Whether in periods of rapid expansion or economic downturns, we have stood by our clients, offering unwavering support. Our core clientele benefits from our agile and swift capacity to gather and provide real-time insights into talent pools, organizational structures, performance evaluations, compensation benchmarks, and market-specific data. We take pride in our commitment to facilitating the entire candidate engagement process, from initial resume reviews to complex, months-long compensation negotiations. 

Why Mirus

Our distinctiveness lies in the synergy of several key factors


Expert Leadership in Banking & Financial Services

Specializing in Banking and Financial Services, Mirus Solutions shines as a dedicated consultancy. Their seasoned team leverages its industry acumen to tailor solutions that resonate with the nuances of this sector.


Global Outreach, Local Expertise

 Operating across India, Middle East, Singapore, and Hong Kong, Mirus's footprint spans regions while retaining a nuanced understanding of local dynamics. This global-local balance empowers them to provide insightful and regionally relevant talent solutions.


A Diverse Talent Landscape

Mirus Solutions thrives across BFSI, ITES, and Consulting sectors, showcasing a versatile portfolio. Their commendable credibility has led to engagements expanding beyond group companies and geographical borders.


Holistic Hiring Solutions

 Mirus's repertoire of hiring support formats is a testament to their solution-oriented approach. From CXO searches to rapid team augmentation, from adept response management to strategic job advertisements, they tailor their services to meet diverse requirements.


Collaborative Partnerships

With a highly skilled team of more than twenty-five consultants and a hands-on management philosophy, Mirus cultivates profound partnerships with clients. Their deep domain comprehension fuels the quest for the best-fit, enduring talents.


Proprietary Software for Seamless Operations

Mirus Solutions employs its proprietary software, fostering seamless collaboration among consultants dispersed across locations. This technological advantage, coupled with dynamic market intelligence and robust research, forms the bedrock of our service excellence.


Kind of roles - Connecting Top Talent with Leading Companies

At Mirus, we excel in recruiting for a wide array of positions, with a special emphasis on mid to senior-level roles. Our dedicated team harnesses industry insights and a vast network to ensure we find the perfect fit for every position. Entrust us with your recruitment needs and let us bring forward the talent that propels your organization to new heights.


Lateral hiring - 5yrs + experience

Here at Mirus, we specialize in lateral hiring by connecting top talent directly with leading companies seeking to fill critical roles. Partner with us to onboard talent that not only matches the job specifications but also complements and elevates the dynamism of our teams.


Global Talent Sourcing

At Mirus, our recruitment reach is both vast and diverse, spanning across the length and breadth of India and extending globally. Our comprehensive network and expertise enable us to source the finest talent from various geographical landscapes. Whether you're based in a bustling metropolis or a remote corner of the world, we're equipped to identify and onboard the right candidates

Shweta's professionalism, promptness, and attention to detail were evident throughout the recruitment process, and I felt valued as a candidate. She went above and beyond to understand my skills, experience, and preferences, and matched me with a job opportunity that aligned perfectly with my career goals.

Jigar Bhavsagar

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